Family Stars

A small gift for such a worthy cause and for such a wonderful family.
Steve Donell and Family

 I love this event for a great cause….Samantha lets continue to fight Rett Syndrome and find a cure
Mark Walker

Excited about # 12! Dubbed, “The Graduation year event!”
Anthony Damaschino

We look forward to supporting Samantha every year!!
Chris Burns

Hope that Samantha’s charisma flows to all who play in the tournament and have the experience of meeting her in the future.
Bob Ghee

Mike Frank

Happy birthday, Samantha!
Madhu Janardan

Happy birthday, Samantha!
Calvin Hollinger

Best wishes Samantha!
Jim Nakagawa

Samantha, Big hugs and kisses from Chris and Tami
Chris and Tami Cady

Tim and Mary Jane Hourigan

Wes Powell and Family

Happy 18th birthday Samantha!
Patty Becotte and Family

Happy 18th to Mantha!
Michael Rudnick and Family

Kaia Fahrenholz

Tim Bastaksa

Wishing Samantha all the best! And have fun Bros!
Mary Trautman

Chuck Scoma

Leslie Wong

Wishing you great success, John and Kathy- on your golf day, raising funds, and finding a cure!!! XOXO
Mary Quigg

Sending love and hope from CT!
Scott and Julie Johnston

Samantha, you are truly an inspiration. John, keep up the great work!
David and Cheryl Serna

Best wishes Samantha!
Amir Hojjatnia

Best Wishes to Jane’s niece!
Mary Lavelle

Thomas and Rachel Edejer and Family

Harry Lewis

Enjoy every day!
Earl Yerina and Family

You are and will always be in our hearts….
Reyme Ramirez Mallari

You’re amazing and an inspiration. Congratulations on another successful tournament!
Matt Fukuchi

Wishing you all the best, Mantha
David Joseph

Craig Sprots

Scott Yokoi

Kathleen Donovan

Great memories of the event. I’m sorry I am not able to attend this year. All the best to Samantha and the Corpus Family on behalf of the Tomasi Family in North Carolina!
Ed Tomasi

Deborah Arnold

“We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.” –unknown author
Tu Rash


Steven Griffiths
Brian Hunter
Rob Rush
TJ Lucia
Vincent Casey
Keith Nakashima
John Arao
Bud Brownell
Dorothy Watson
Mark Walker
Steven Southworth
Drew Betts
Mike Raphel
Dan Grosh
Mark Cate
Kevin Antonelli
Jim Peters
Dan Michelini
Roger Fernando
Joe McLean
Paul Ambrose
Ray Constantian
Mark Mullen
Larry Parente
Anthony Damaschino
Sean Barnes
Jeff Turner
Cliff March
Lou Mercado
Chris Burns
Russ Scheibly
Matt Bracco
Pete Back
Bob Ghee
Chris King
Scott Bassett
Mike Marlatt
Mike Elder
Frank Burkatzky
Mike Frank
Chris Toohey
Alex Coassin
Nithin Lalit
Michael Carmody
Rick Ruso
Brian Coburn
Ryan Robertson
Brooks Stratmore
Morgan Becker
Tony Bartenetti
Tim Cabral
Sam Cabral
Ron Codd
Ted Bojorquez
Dean Alms
Norm Alms
Michael Laffey
Parker Alms
Samuel Forbes
Terry Forbes
Ray Frazier
Richard Valencia
Chris Chin
Dan Cook
Seth Glass
Alan Chin
Chuck Scoma
Dave Miller
Neil McGuire
Sean Anderson
Josh Holder
Loren Rice
LeeAnn Coburn
Erica Robertson
Julie Forster
Amanda Cox
Jesse Takahashi
Freddie Mantolino
David Correia
Chris Jo
George Kim
Kevin Kim
Tristan Uh
Paul Kim
Johngho Lee
Tom Kim
Andreas Hoffman
Howard Kirschbaum
Ted Leonard
Johnny Kelly
Chris Brandi
Greg Pignati
Regan Poston
Arlen Frew
Craig Sprosts
Brian McElroy
Scott Kontny
Jason Kung
Jesmer Lorenzo
Carson Kontny
Sven Pole
Todd Frye
Helen Vu
Mark Krzyic
Brennan Carpenter
Don Colman
Michael Khaw
Rick Ferber
Cynthia Warrender
Rob Salmon
Darron Guierres
Keith Binkley
Chris Bonderer
Andy Kirby
Andrew Murray
Eric Bingham
Adam Nikolic
George Choe
Jeff Porter
Marci Porter
Spencer Porter
Helena Berg
Rick Kerzic
Jim Brownell
Lee Edlund
Pam Andes
Jerry Andes
Brenton Caldwell
Robert Balas
Courtney Davis
Jed Bonner
Nate Touboul
Michelle King


Karen Damaschino
Leslie Wong
Hatch Graham
Dana Graham
Chris Whirlow
Yoruba Harrison
Jeffrey Cooper
Kathleen Poston
Shelby Alms
Lynda Laffey
Marcy Alms
Emma Alms
Joseph Cuvelo
Nikki Montez
Harriet Cellini
Garty Cellini
Arvid Kretz
Tu Rash
David Blackwell
Todd Vitzhum
Michelle McDermott
Bill McDermott
Anthony Burney
Mark Mengelberg
Bill Coyle
Sid Lakireddy

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